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End-of-Life for Dot-Com Data Center Controls

Hundreds of Dot-Com Era (1998 – 2002) data centers are still in service throughout the US and world.  Many of these facilities are very valuable because they occupy locations close to large cities and fiber optic infrastructure.  Earthsafe built fuel systems for many of these facilities, and our systems have operated reliably over that time with very little maintenance.

Allen Bradley is our standard PLC for our controllers.  One of the primary reasons is their back integration, meaning that new PLC, HMIs, and Networks will integrate to the older model PLCs.  Now we are at the second generation of their micro PLCs from the Dot-Com era Micrologix 1000 / 1500 > Micrologix 1100 / 1400 > Micro 820 / 850.  After more than 20 years in service, Allen Bradley has stopped production of the Micrologix 1000 / 1500.

Earthsafe Technical Services

We can design upgrade solutions for existing controllers by replacing PLCs within existing cabinets or removing and replacing existing control panels.  In either case existing networks can remain in place, and work sequences can assure no interruption of service.

Besides End-of-Life planning there are a number of reasons to upgrade. New PLCs are cheaper, better, faster as you would expect. New color touch-screen HMIs are much less expensive, and can replace the hassle of maintaining the older panel incandescent lamps with lamp test pushbuttons. And industrial grade ethernet networks can replace RS-485 networks.

Upgrade / Replace Any Control Brand

Earthsafe has excellent experience upgrading and replacing controls of other manufacturers.  We have trained personnel for control panel PLCs / HMIs / Networking based on:

  • Allen Bradley
  • Schneider
  • Siemens
  • GE Fanuc
  • Automation Direct / Toyo
  • IDEC / Panasonic / Mitsubishi


Representative Experience

Data Center USA-TX: Replaced an existing Mitsubishi fuel control system for 6 generators and expanded to 12 generators.  Replaced existing RS-485 network with industrial ethernet.  Maintained full operation of existing system throughout.

Data Center USA-IL: Replaced an existing Single-Point-of-Failure fuel systems control based on Panasonic PLCs.  Installed redundant PLC controls based on new Allen Bradley PLCs and HMI.  Maintained system operation for the 4 existing generators.

Data Center USA-CA: Expanded an existing fuel system from 4 to 8 generators with integration to existing PLCs – HMIs based on Siemens. Maintained existing service throughout transition.

Data Center: USA-CA: Replaced existing End-Of-Life PLCs with new Allen Bradley PLCs-HMIs for a 6 generator, 4 bulk tank system.  Sequenced work to assure continuous operation.

Data Center: USA-SC: Designed, programmed and commissioned fuel system controls for 12 generators based on Automation Direct PLCs – HMIs.

Data Center: Dublin-IE: Designed, programmed, and commissioned fuel system controls for 6 generators based on Schneider PLC-HMI.

Data Center: Dharan-SA: Designed, programmed, and commissioned fuel system controls for 4 additional generators based on existing IDEC PLC-HMI.  Integrated to an existing master controller based on Schneider PLC-HMIs.

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