Submitted by bill_edwards on Tue, 06/14/2016 - 17:15

As industrial Ethernet networks improve in performance and reliability, formerly hard-wired signals are replaced by data transfer over the network. Network reliability and security are critical.

The C7-ETH is designed for Critical Ethernet. The managed switch functions control the network to provide fast self-healing functions if unit controllers are taken offline. The C7-ETH may be paired with a second C7-ETH unit to allow for a redundant ring, or redundant star network topology. A firewall security router may be included to allow isolation of the network from other building systems or servicing connections.

The C7-ETH Module is a Managed Ethernet Module for Integration of Fuel System Control Components. The module integrates unit controllers at day tanks, duplex pumps, fill stations, filter polishers, valve controllers, and tank monitors.

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