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End of Life for Micrologix 1000/1500:

There are several million Micrologix 1000 PLCs in service around the world, including thousands in critical service in data center equipment. Hundreds of Dot‐Com Era (1998 – 2002) data centers are still in service throughout the US and world.  Many of these facilities are very valuable because they occupy locations close to large cities and fiber optic infrastructure.  Earthsafe built fuel systems for many of these facilities, and our systems have operated reliably over that time with very little maintenance.

Allen Bradley PLC Migration:

Allen Bradley is our standard PLC for our controllers.  One of the primary reasons is their back integration, meaning that new PLC, HMIs, and Networks will integrate to the older model PLCs.  Now we are at the second generation of their micro PLCs from the Dot‐Com era Micrologix 1000 / 1500 > Micrologix 1100 / 1400 > Micro 820 / 850.  After more than 20 years in service, Allen Bradley stopped production of the Micrologix 1000 / 1500, in 2017.

Not Just a Hardware Swap: It is not simply a matter of a hardware swap:

  1. Application Software Changes:  The new Micro 800 PLCs and HMI use a new application software called Connected Components Workbench (CCW), replacing RS Logix 500/5000 on the old PLCs.  The software change requires that the programming for the replacement PLCs must be re‐written on the new platform.
  2. Network Standard:  The obsolete ML1000s typically used an RS‐485 based network for communication.   The new Micro 800s have built‐in Ethernet for peer‐to‐peer networking, although they still maintain an RS232/485 Port.
  3. Room‐to‐Improve Redundancy:  System upgrades include a performance review to address any inadequacies.  This may be an opportunity to get full dual control, rather than a single element + bypass.


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