Submitted by bill_edwards on Tue, 06/09/2015 - 10:35

The New M30 Fuel Polisher is a low cost solution for BMS connected or stand-alone fuel polishing. The controllers has pre-set timing cycles for 2-4-8-16-24 hours for simple setup and operation, with BMS connectivity built-in.

The circulation pump is a high duty cycle pump with excellent suction characteristics. The filtration elements are high efficiency micro filters with particulate and water removal. Standard units are 5 and 10 GPM rated (20 and 40 LPM). Optional motor starters allow for flow rates up to 30 GPM.

The compact footprint is ideal for application with generator sub-base fuel tanks. Higher flow-rate models may be used for bulk storage applications. Optional enclosures, heaters, and vents allow for application in the toughest generator environments.

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