Submitted by bill_edwards on Sun, 08/14/2016 - 15:14

Earthsafe recently completed Urban Multi-Use Development Fuel System projects.  The challenge of these projects are the number of dispersed and independent fuel systems for generator service.  A hotel in the development will have separate needs from a commercial office tower.  A residential tower and Retail Area / Malls) will have different needs as well.  All of the fuel systems need to fit in within a complex building environment that includes extensive parking and pedestrian areas.

Details of our design recommendations are in our whitepaper: Download the Whitepaper

The Earthsafe network controllers used in these systems allows for assured reliability and low cost and management of the fuel system by building personnel.


Brickle City Center in Miami, FL

The 5.4 million SF development in Miami is a mix of commercial, hotel, retail, and office space.  6 generators serve various parts of the development with different purposes.  Earthsafe fill stations, duplex pumps, and filter polishers are installed to serve 3 groups of generators.  Each has a C890 Mini-Master panel to integrate all of the equipment into the building BMS monitoring system.

Musheireb Project, Doha, Qatar

The 31 Hectare site is planned for a total of 100 buildings.  A current phase of the project required 7 generators to serve various functions within the multi-use facility.  Earthsafe provided duplex pump systems and day tanks for reliable fuel oil supply to the various generators.