D2-M4 Tank Fill Station

D2-M4 Diesel + DEF Tank Fill Station

For Tanks in Buildings

The Stainless Steel enclosure has an architectural finish for a great look on mounted on the exterior of a building or recessed into the wall.  Inside the Earthsafe C8 controller monitors levels and inlet valve position for 1 or multiple Diesel and DEF tanks.  Standard 2” Cam Adapter for Diesel and 1” Cam Adapter for DEF.  Built-in Containment Basin for drips from hose disconnects.

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  • Connection: Diesel 2 IN (50), DEF 1 IN (25)
  • Motor: None
  • Power: 120-230 VAC, 1 Phase, 50-60 HZ
  • Enclosure: Weatherproof NEMA 4, (IP 65) Stainless Steel. 


  • Hose Adapter and Cap
  • Ball Valve and Check Valve
  • Spill Containment 3 GAL 
  • 3-Point High Level Sensor 85-90-95% Levels
  • Optional Analog Level Transmitter and Display
  • Actuated Ball Valve for Overfill Protection
  • C1 Controller with Visual and Audible Alarms
  • Optional: Multi-Tank Selection
  • Floor Mount Stand 24 IN (600) Height
  • Collar for Recess Wall Mount

Safe Fuel Tank Filling:

The D2-M4 is the standard for filling fuel and DEF tanks or sub-base tanks within buildings. The weatherproof enclosure has a brushed stainless steel finish that looks great on building walls - now and for the long term.  

Adaptable to User Requirements:

The fill station is designed for 1-4 fuel and DEF tanks and can be adapted for multi-tenant use.  The system accepts hose connections from pump equipped fuel and DEF delivery trucks.

Redundant Overfill Protection:

Tanks levels - particulary 85-90-95 % high levels are monitored for safe operation with overfill prevention.  Actuated valves in the fill pipe are automatically closed on high level.