Extended Run System for Generators

Diesel + DEF + Oil Storage and Refill System

Single or Multiple Diesel Generators or Pumps

The compact ER-M5 is designed with a minimum foot-print to serve a single or multiple generators.  The system has onboard controls, sensors, and transfer pumps to reliably refill individual generator tanks and reservoirs. The tanks are UL142 Double Wall. System Controls interface with generator systems with High, Low, Leak Contacts or optional Modbus / BACnet connectivity.

1” Flexible Pipe can be used to connect the unit to the generators for fast, low cost installation.

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  • Approvals: UL 142 
  • Diesel Capacity: 500-5000 GAL (2000 - 20000L)
  • DEF Capacity (10%) 50-500 GAL (200-2000 L)
  • Power 120-230 VAC, 1 Phase, 50-60 Hz
  • Controller: UL 508, PLC Basis with HMI
  • Interface: Output Relays for High, Low, Leak and Modbus (Optional BACnet)


  • Solenoid Valves with Strainer and Ball Valve gor each generator 
  • 4 or 5 Point Level Sensor for each generator 
  • Optional Level and Temperature Transmitters
  • Standard and Emergency Vents
  • Direct Read Level Gauge
  • Inspection Port and Cap Engine Supply and Return Connections
  • Return Flow Pump for Overfill Protection

Extended Run System for Diesel Generators and Pumps:

The ER-M5 supplements onboard fluid capacity for extended run generators and pumps.  Use where existing generators and pumps have increased run time requirements to meet hardening or other operation requirements.