Solar Power - Mobile and Modular

Earthsafe Solar Power Systems are designed for 10 - 100 kW mid-range solar power installations.  These are commercial and industrial systems larger than residential but smaller that utility systems.

High Reliability is built into our systems to include battery storage for 24 hour power, plus an auxiliary generator to supplement battery charging or directly power loads in emergency.

Designed and Built for Mobility and Adaptive Use:

Earthsafe Solar is designed and built for fast setup and use at specialized site with minimal site preparation or utility requirements.  This makes them ideal systems for:

  • Special Event Support
  • Remote Telecom and Monitoring Facilities
  • Back-Country Base Camp
  • Humanitarian Response

Systems are designed with the following adaptive modular elements:

mobile modular solar

Modular Solar Systems for Adaptive Use

Earthsafe Solar Consists of 5 Modular Elements:

  • ESM 10 Solar Panel Tracking Arrays
  • ESM 20 Solar Power Battery Module
  • ESM 30 Solar Power Management Module
  • ESM 40 Power Distribution and Cable Module:
  • ESM 50 Auxiliary Power Generator Module


mobile solar

ESM 10 Solar Panel Tracking Arrays

Earthsafe ESM10.15 is a solar mobile modular array of 4 panels generating 1500 Watts of power.  The array tracks the sun transit across the day providing up to 30% more efficiency than fixed array systems. Each array has power aggregation and connection panels for networking to other solar arrays and delivering power to the solar power management modules. Each array folds into itself and packs into a transport module for fast deployment to sites.

Download the Data Sheet 

mobile solar

ESM 20 Solar Power Battery Module

Earthsafe ESM20 is a solar mobile modular storage system rated at 25, 50, 75, and 100 kWh nominal capacity.  The weatherproof coated aluminum storage unit includes accessory equipment for safe operation and monitoring of the battery array.  The battery storage module integrates with Earthsafe solar arrays, generator module, and solar power management modules.

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mobile solar

ESM 30 Solar Power Management Module

The Earthsafe ESM30 Solar Control and Monitoring Module optimizes the solar collection and conversion and monitors energy load use for efficiency and safety.  The SC90 Controller is a PLC based controller with Color Touch-Screen HMI interface and advanced communications.  The unit:

  • Controls and Monitors Solar Array Tracking
  • Optimizes Solar Array String Output
  • Manages and Monitors Storage Battery Functions
  • Manages Grid Connections
  • Manages Auxiliary Power Generator Functions,
  • Communicates Remotely to Cloud Systems

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mobile solar

ESM 40 Power Distribution-Cabling Module

The Earthsafe ESM40.100 is a power distribution and cable management system within a modular weatherproof enclosure. The system is designed for 100A Photo-Voltaic energy collection with safety disconnects and circuit breakers.  Up to 4 cable reels of 100 feet cable length connect solar arrays to the system. On the load side the unit safely distributes 120 / 208 VAC power for use through up to 4 reels of 100 feet cable connected to hi-safety portable distribution boxes.

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generator module

ESM 50 Auxiliary Power Generator Module

The Earthsafe ESM50.10 is an Auxiliary Power Generator to maintain power service and battery charge to backup the solar power inputs.  The compact generator is within a compact sound attenuated (to 68 dB) enclosure.  It is diesel powered for safe onsite fuel storage up to 8 hours run time.  Clean air design assures Tier 4 emissions compliance. The enclosure includes transfer switching, cables, and control system for integration into the Earthsafe Solar Management Panel.

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